There is a rhythm to everyone's life. There is rhythm in a heartbeat, a dance, a song, and in the raindrops that fall. There is rhythm in the way we walk and talk. Rhythm is the constant movement of our lives.

The inner spirit is our personal presence. It's that source of energy we produce. The inner spirit precedes the outer spirit. It's always with us and it's what we leave behind to motivate those who follow. Our inner spirit is really who we are. It's our dreams come true. It's our findings rather than our failings, in this journey called "life."

Music mirrors our thoughts and emotions. There are times when words fail and music speaks.

Rhythm Spirit is here for all who are creative and for those who want to find their gift and spiritual side. We as people always need ways to express ourselves. Rhythm Spirit the is that outlet.

As I share Inspirational Messages with you, I am speaking to myself as well. Join me, and experience Allison's artistry.

Visit us and receive your Inspirational Message and pearls of wisdom through words and music.




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